About Us

We are a national, family owned company that offers full-service drug, alcohol and background screening services and products.

We can help families, businesses and communities create a drug-free environment.

We can help your business create a drug-free workplace policy and serve you to implement said policy. Benefits of implementing a drug-free workplace program can help with problems related to drug abuse such as theft, low morale, absenteeism, low productivity and higher accident rate.

We have developed a comprehensive program for home use that not only discourages your children from using and abusing drugs, but actually increases communication within the family.

We provide onsite drug testing options as well as over 8,000 collection centers nationwide for DOT and non-DOT programs. We will make sure your business remains compliant.

We provide US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) cleared drug testing kits. These kits are accurate, safe, and meet the same standards established by the United States Department of Transportation for drugs of abuse testing. The kits test for marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine and opiates.

Our background screening services are second to none, and can include criminal, pre-employment, credit checks, Motor Vehicle reports and Tenant Screening, among many other options.